AE Hackathon

The America East hackathon, Hack AE, is a 24-hour creative coding event that strives to bring America East undergraduate students together to engage in collaborative computer programming.

Hack AE identifies itself as a civic hackathon, one that is designed to provide student developers and designers with a unique opportunity to build software and hardware projects that encourage civic engagement and/or address the real-world challenges facing our neighborhoods, cities, states, and country. The event affords participating students with the chance to meet fellow hackers from across the America East Conference, learn about new and emerging technologies from industry experts, discover internship and career opportunities, and hone their computer coding skills. Students from all academic backgrounds, regardless of hacking experience, are welcome to attend.

Please see below for photos from Hack AE 2016, which was held at the Binghamton University Innovative Technologies Complex in November. To learn more about the event, we encourage you to read the Hack AE 2016 news story.

Hack AE 2016 Photos