Adaptive ‘DIY Prosthetics’ Engineering Program Inspires Middle and High School Students

A new outreach program coined “DIY Prosthetics” introduces Long Island K-12 students to the basics of engineering design. Over 50 pre-college students of diverse backgrounds (gender, ethnicity, and socioeconomic class) have participated in the program and crafted their own cardboard prosthetic hand using only simple household items. The project’s goal was to provide supplementary education to children ages middle school to high school and to inspire the next generation of STEM workers.

“The University Community Relations Office is proud to bring the campus and grade schools together for exploring career paths and learning new concepts,” said Joan Dickinson, director of community relations. “The DIY Prosthetics project is a great example of SBU’s engagement and commitment to serving Long Island.”

Developed together by Stony Brook’s Dr. M. Ete Chan and Michael Ly (Class of 2022), the program aims to foster community relations between the Department of Biomedical Engineering (BME) and local Long Island organizations through a cross-collaborative approach. So far, the “DIY Prosthetics” series was held four times during the months of June and July across three instructional modes: virtual, hybrid, and in-person. Click here to continue reading.