The Buck Stops Where? UNH Research Records Longest-Ever Deer Distance

DURHAM, N.H.—Why did the deer cross the road? According to research from the University of New Hampshire to keep going and going and going. Researchers have discovered the longest distance ever recorded by an adult male white-tailed deer—300 kilometers, or close to 200 miles, in just over three weeks. The finding has important implications for population management and the transmission of disease, especially chronic wasting disease, a fatal neurological disease.

“Deer are one of the most abundant, well-known and intensely managed species of wildlife in the United States,” said Remington Moll, assistant professor of wildlife ecology and lead author. “So, to make this discovery despite the fact that they are so well studied is pretty surprising.” Click here to continue reading.

Map chronicling the multi-county journey of an adult white-tailed deer, known as N17003, travelling the longest distance ever recorded – over 300 kilometres in just over three weeks. Photo credit