UAlbany’s First EOP Student Ambassador Lauds SUNY Commitment to Student Input

ALBANY, N.Y. (Nov. 2, 2021) — If a beneficial experience with, extensive knowledge of, and enthusiasm for an institution are overwhelming prerequisites for being that institution’s ambassador, the Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) made a wise choice in selecting junior Bridget Aduasare as UAlbany’s first EOP student ambassador.

Aduasare admitted to being “shocked” when, despite being a last minute entry, she was chosen by a committee of EOP directors and SUNY system administrators as UAlbany’s representative in a new SUNY program, Educational Opportunity Program Student Ambassadors, comprised of 21 EOP students from 20 SUNY campuses. Chancellor Malatras officially announced the inaugural class on Oct. 22. Click here to continue reading the story.

Bridget Aduasare : Image Source